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White Lily Green is a blog written by a  Mummy and a Daddy!

About Whitelily

I'm a Mummy who loves to blog! I'm a thirty something middle-of-the-road kinda girl. Not overly girly, but I do love my shoes, make up and pretty things! 

I have 4 beautiful children who are my life.  They are aged between 14 years and 23 months and love to play.  I am happily married and live in London.

I write about all sorts - about life as a Mum, fashion, beauty, lifestyle - You name it really! I do love to try new products when I can, so I write reviews on products I am interested in for myself or the children.

We are a gadget and gaming loving family, bookworms and play-a-holics. We also love to dabble in crafts. I'm an arty type myself, although time doesn't allow for me to indulge in my passion for painting unless it's with the kids!  

 We are a family who are passionate about food. We love to cook together and I think it's important to encourage kids to do so. Not only is it fun, but also a life skill and with a fussy eater, it's helped with our battle.

I'm a big fan of handmade crafts or homemade food/items so you might enjoy joining with with my regular feature, 'Homemade Thursday' which is for those who craft or cook as a hobby, or indeed, a business. 

I'm a social media addict so you will often find me somewhere online. If you are interested in contacting me regarding reviews, events, sponsored posts, etc.. please visit my Contact page.

About Not a browbeaten husband

I'm Dad to our 4 monsters and I'm into technology, gadgets and gaming. You will probably find me somewhere with my nose in my Nook. My username may be a little sarcastic which is a fine quality of mine ;)

To read more about me, you should really read this post!

I write about family life through a Dads eyes, tech, and geeky posts, gaming, and whatever else takes my fancy.

I work full-time so this blogging thing is something I'll be doing in my 'spare time', whatever that is. I'm quite happy to receive emails about product reviews and events that appeal to my 'geeky Daddy' nature...If there is a beer in it, even better! ;)

You can do so here.

We hope you enjoy our blog!
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