Monday, 16 June 2014

Book Review: Jack Hunter: The French Connection by Martin King


As you may have seen in my giveaway post, we have been reading the world's first interactive augmented reality book; Jack Hunter: The French Connection by Martin King.

We would say the book is most suited to confident readers of around 10-14 years as using the AR aspect of  the book, is a bit tricky.
The book combines a unique mixture of book reading, Augmented Reality and 3D adventure play. Storm the castle and solve the mystery of a magical device intent on the destruction of the world. Collect four pieces of parchment that lead you to an ancient secret – your quest isn’t over until you solve the final conundrum!
We don't want to give away too much in this review because it will ruin the fun for you, so we will limit the spoilers as much as possible.

You do need to buy a copy of the book (£8.99) to fully experience the game but you can unlock the games first three levels of Augmented Reality and get first six chapters of 'The French Connection' for free to start you off by visiting the Jack Hunter Games website on another device. To use the AR aspect, you need a device with a camera; we used an iPad mini and in our opinion it would be better on a full-size screen, so smartphones would be a little more difficult.

The game is quite in depth, so it will certainly keep your child busy. Hubby said it reminds him a little of Minecraft in a way; with all the menu options to look at and build the equipment you need. 

The whole experience was enjoyable and unique to any other kind of book we've read, however it's not one for the impatient. It does take time to decode and solve the Cipher and solve puzzles.

Decoding the cipher is a lot of fun and not too difficult to figure out. It has an essence of my age old favourite adventure books where your choices within the story affect the ending,but with this you are completing a quest rather than deciding your destiny.  

It's definitely worth a read and a great way to encourage kids to dump the video games and lose themselves in a book.

Jack Hunter: The French Connection by Martin King is available from Amazon for £8.99 and the app can be downloaded from the Google Play store or iTunes App Store.

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