Saturday, 8 February 2014

Aquafresh teams up with parents to create 'Tips for teething tots'

I've always said that teeth are a pain coming and a pain going, in more ways than one. My children's dental health has always been a concern of mine. They all have lovely teeth at the moment, but I've always worried about them, it's just one more thing to add to a parents 'list of worries'.

Recently, Aquafresh conducted a survey amongst parents, and some of the findings are really interesting.

For example, 67% of parents do not know when or how to look after their children's teeth.
Almost 10% felt like they were wasting precious time trying to get their children to clean their teeth, whilst a massive 25% found it a difficult and stressful experience for both themselves and their child, some finding it even more stressful than bedtimes and getting their children to eat fruit and vegetables.

Tooth brushing is often the cause of arguments and 1 in 7 say that their child hates tooth brushing, which explains why 13% admit to bribing their children to brush - hey, whatever works, right?

27% of parents wanted more support and guidance, so here is where Aquafresh can help. Along with the help of parents, the children's teeth experts have put together some 'tips for teething tots' which they cleverly had embroidered on a fabulous towel - THANK YOU AQUAFRESH!

The towel is HUGE so please forgive the photos ; it was almost impossible to photograph! My favourite tip that I tell my own young Daughter is: "Sparkly clean teeth are the tooth fairy's favourite!!!

Other tips are:

"Reward Charts work well - once they have reached a certain number of brushes, they can be rewarded with a treat!"

"Everyone loves a sing-a-long - make up a song about tooth brushing with your child and put it to the tune of their favourite nursery rhyme!"

"Let your child pick their own fun toothbrush - to bring teeth brushing an injection of colour!"
Aquafresh have a fab range of colourful, animal themes toothbrushes to help engage and encourage your child to brush.  There are also specially designed Big Teeth products for older children to learn to care for their own teeth, including mouthwashes. For younger babies, Aquafresh have launched a Milk Teether which not only cleans but soothes sore gums. This completes the range which also includes Milk teeth toothpastes and milk teeth toothbrushes.

"Get your kids to look in the mirror - so that they can make silly faces in it and watch themselves brushing"

"Play their favourite song so they can brush to the beat - it will make time pass quicker and brush time fun!"

"Little ones always want to do stuff grown-ups do - take your child into the bathroom when you brush your own teeth so they learn to mirror your actions."

I have found teeth cleaning VERY stressful with my eldest two children; whilst my youngest two child are quite good and even enjoy 'teeth time'.

I love these tips; they are such great ideas to make teeth cleaning  fun for the children, and stress-free for mum and dad.

*Research conducted of 1,104 mums in the Netmums community, August 2013

I was sent a towel and some teeth brushing products as a thank you for posting.
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