Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Year - Clean home (eco-friendly)

I probably say this every year but this year I aim to get my house decluttered and in order. No more will I have to panic clean when a visitor is due. I want it to be tidy and embarrassment-free at all times.

Yes, I know... that's probably unrealistic with 4 children and not much storage space, but I can try. If it's clean and decluttered, I don't mind toys and kids bits and bobs laying about; I mean it's a home, and it's meant to be lived in....right?

One thing I do really want to aim for this year is to make as many of my cleaning products environmentally friendly as possible.

Have a look at this video for twofingersclean.com; it did make me smile.

I think most of us recognise that things need to change in order to protect our environment, we just need to actually DO something to make that change. That's why I am keen to limit the chemicals that I use around the home. 

I've only just discovered Two Fingers, but I really like their whole approach. It's all about protecting the environment by preserving resources, respecting the need for conservation, and doing everything they can  to help minimise the impact of unnecessary packaging and distribution.

The whole Two fingers range is made only from natural, readily biodegradable, renewable and sustainable ingredients. There is nothing hazardous and they NEVER test on animals. so. we can say.....erm....Two Fingers, to dirt, to waste, to toxic cleaners!

The Two Fingers range has four cleaners, Multi-surface, Bathroom & Shower, Glass, and Floor. The starter pack (£9.99) comes with 4x500ml reusable spray bottles, 4x50ml refill bottles, and 4 micro-fibre cloths and is available direct from http://www.twofingersclean.com

I'm going to make an order on pay day, the prices are surprisingly low AND they encourage reusing bottles!
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