Friday, 27 September 2013

Together is Better - Weight Watchers

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Losing weight is not easy - I find it very difficult. I achieve more when I have support from those around me and I find it hard to 'go it alone'. Keeping motivated and driven towards that goal  can be tough - that's why having a friend or partner to support you on your weight loss journey can make a world of difference.

I know myself that I was at my most successful when I was 'dieting' with someone else. You are there for each other to celebrate the triumphs, commiserate when things don't go quite to plan and keep each other focussed and on track - I even found a little bit of competition quite motivating ;)

As much as weight loss seems like such a personal thing, I think it can also be quite a social thing - bringing like minded people together. That first step is not so intimidating when you've got a friend to hold your hand.

I love Weight Watchers philosophy, "Together is Better"; and I genuinely believe that is the case. I know some fantastic couples who have successfully lost weight together. They are are team; they have each others back and they work together to achieve their goals. After all; in my opinion, weight loss - when done so healthily, results in a change of lifestyle - something that is much easier to achieve when you have support from those around you.

Weight Watchers are running a fantastic competition where you could win ASDA vouchers worth £250, a fridge and luxury hamper full of Weight Watchers goodies - one for you and one for a friend!  How amazing does that sound? You can enter on the Weight Watchers Facebook tab here: or if you are on your mobile, here:

What's more, if you and a friend fancy giving Weight Watchers a try, I have some great offers to share with you.

Offer 1. All you need for just 11.95 a month & NO joining fee (save £29.95 on the join up fee) 
Offer 2. Sign up to our Monthly Pass Offer for just £2.99 a week (save money on the meetings fee) 
Offer 3. Join for £4.50 or £2.25 each when you bring a friend (get the full package and save money on joining when you bring a friend)

You can find out more about these offers here.

Good luck with the competition, if you enter. I hope you win! 

What do you think? 

Do you have a 'Together is Better' story to share? I'd love to hear them!

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