Wednesday, 26 June 2013

TV broadcasting: past and future

I've just been looking at an infographic about the biggest Television broadcasts of all time, and it's got me thinking about TV through the years. I grew up with television being a big part of our lives. Family time was often spent watching out favourite programmes, such as Black beauty, Heidi, Shirley Temple and that trusty dog, Lassie. I don't know about you, but if I think about my childhood (especially school days) the programmes I used to watch after a busy day at school and on a Saturday morning, are always memories that make me smile.I vaguely remember Charles and Diana's wedding, and we used to watch the Eurovision song contest religiously every year. Personally, it's not the same without Terry Wogan, but that's another story.

Smart TV

Unsurprisingly, TV's are now much more than just a box with a moving picture these days, they are bigger (or flatter), 3D (or plasma; which always makes me think of spaceships for some reason!) and then, of course we have the mighty Smart TV. I'm a huge fan of the home cinema, and we love nothing better than hosting our own movie days; complete with popcorn. In today's fast-paced technology hungry society, we crave the very best in innovative products. Sony's new stylish range of TV's allow the home entertainment fan to immerse themselves in the ultimate cinematic experience; with technologies such as built in Internet connection or Full HD 3D and 4K Ultra HD viewing, Sony are leading us into an exciting future for both the home cinema and videogame experience.

I have a Smart TV on my wishlist and so does my hubby; there is just so much you can do with them, and for gadget junkies like us, that's exciting! With the Sony Smart TV, for example, you can place your NFC One-touch enabled smartphone against the Sony One-touch remote and add a whole new dimension to TV viewing by linking your smartphone to the big screen! - 'smart' huh?! No, more squinting at games, videos and photos on my phone, I could see them all on the big screen!

Then there are apps such as TV sideview where you can find out more about what you are watching - who is that lead character? Or perhaps, you might fancy a change to everyday TV - you could stream an HD film for turn on some funky tunes from the Sony Entertainment Network....

Ahhhhh, a girl can dream!

Hint - It's my birthday in a few months *wink wink*

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