Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ravensburger’s Science X collection - Simulating Nature

Ravensburger’s Science X collection will open the world of discovery with these fun and exciting science kits for children this National Science and Engineering Week from 15th-24th March 2013.

My children love science and so do I; that is why I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of the new Science X kits. I'm really not sure who was more excited!

Ravensburger’s Science X collection features 8 fantastic scientific themes such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Simulating Nature, 3D Optics, Crystals and Gemstones, Exploring Engineering careers, plus more.

The kits are designed for 8 years+ and encourage children's natural curiosity and feed exquisite minds with fun and exciting discoveries. Such brilliant ideas and so hands-on; kids are bound to love them.

We were sent the Simulating Nature kit which explores the exciting world of bionics and investigates how we mimic the way animals and plants solve problems in the design of our technologies.

The set contains:

1 Set of Simulation Cards, 1 Packet of Nasturtium Seeds, 1 Pipette, 1 Piece of Water-Repellant Fabric, 1 Piece of Clear Plastic, 1 Zanonia Glider, 1 Washer, 3 Paper Maple Seed Models, 1 Packet of String, 1 Card Paper Bridge, 1 Cardboard Fish Fin Model, 1 Piece of Velcro®, 3 Paper Polar Bear Shapes, 1 Piece of Bubble Wrap, 1 Cardboard Model Hand, 5 Straws, 1 Plastic Ball, 1 Paper Seed Pod Model, Detailed Instruction Manual

We have tried out many of the experiments, such as The Self-Cleaning Plant, which not only allows children to plant and grow their own flowers (seeds are included but no compost or pots) but it also allows them to conduct experiment using water once the plant has grown. I am finding this fascinating and although our seeds haven't sprouted yet, we are looking forward to discovering how plants protect themselves and what happens when water is dropped onto the plant.

We also had a go at some other experiments which we've pictured below:

I think the Science X kits are brilliant and highly recommend them to anyone with junior or secondary school age children.

Disclosure: I was sent a Science X kit free of charge. My opinions are my own.
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