Friday, 8 March 2013

Mother's Day musings

It's Mother's Day this weekend; a special day and one I look forward to. Not only because it celebrates my own motherhood, but because it gives me an opportunity to spoil my own mum and remind her just how much she is loved and appreciated.

I am very lucky that I live just a stones throw away from my mum, so popping over with presents (and cake) isn't a problem. Not everyone is quite as lucky; some, like my friend (we'll call her Georgia) live on the other side of the country. She doesn't drive so seeing her mum is something that happens maybe twice a year. Georgia and her mum are always on the phone to each other; she often jokes that one day she'll teach her mum how to Skype - well computer literacy first, and then Skype! Until then they will continue to enjoy long telephone calls and good old fashioned written letters which, lets face it, are becoming a bit of a lost art.

Mother's Day is particularly difficult for Georgia because it reminds her about the many miles between them. Each year, Georgia will send her mum a special gift; not usually expensive but something that she knows her mum will cherish. she wraps it carefully with pretty ribbons and kisses it gently before sending it off to be delivered. For the last couple of years, Georgia has sent it using ParcelForce, initially because they offered next day delivery, and aside from it always arriving safely, there was another, rather sweet reason; her mum had a soft spot for the gentleman who delivers her parcels! According to her mum, he has a lovely Scottish accent, beautiful manners and he always asks how she is getting on. he never fails to put a smile on her face (and a spring in her step)

Last year Georgia mum phoned as usual around lunchtime to thank her for her present and to gush about the lovely young man who brought it. She said he must work all night to bring her her parcel baring in mind it was only sent the day before. 'That's the beauty of next day delivery!' She laughed. I think Mum secretly hoped that her Scottish laddie had rushed especially to see her, bless her heart.

Georgia and I were discussing gifts recently; both mums love receiving flowers but they don't last and Georgia likes to send her mum something that she can keep. We found some gorgeous mothers day gifts in Sainsburys earlier in the week. I adored some really pretty measuring cups and these V&A mugs, whilst Georgia fell in love with a very cute 'mum and me' photo holder. She has put a photo in it of her holding her mums hand when she was just a wee girl. I know her mum is going to cry when she opens it!

I'm seeing my mum today rather than on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it. I've made these gorgeous cupcakes to take with me - yum!

Have a happy Mother's Day lovely mummies xx

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