Sunday, 10 February 2013

Emotion Pets - Little Cuddles (Cherry)

We have a cat; a silly, naughty, sleepy cat. His name is Harry. Little One loves cats; in fact she adores animals altogether, but she simply can't resist a moggy and has been known to chase them down the street with poor old Mum in hot pursuit.

I was delighted when Flair sent Little One an Emotion Pets Little Cuddles Pet called Cherry the cat. She's rather lovely, rather small and doesn't need chasing out of bedrooms and doesn't to to eat the neighbourhood birdies.

If you're not familiar with Emotion Pets, they are a range of classic, cuddly soft plush toys combined with unique, interactive technology - Toy pets that move and act like the real thing (well, almost) 

Little Cuddles are three super-soft, mini, interactive plush friends, just give them a stroke to see them wag and wiggle their heads, tails and legs. They cost £12.99 each and are baby versions of the Emotion Pet favourites Milky, Toffee and Cherry; making them a more affordable option than the full-size pets.

As mentioned, we were sent the very cute Cherry. I don't know if it's just me, but she looks sad; I think it's the eyes! It makes you want to cuddle her, so maybe that's the idea!

When you press the cats back, she moves her paw, head and wags her tail. It's very cute and Little One adores it. Personally, I think it's a little on the basic side for £12.99, but it's certainly a more affordable alternative to the full-size versions; and lovely for younger children.

Great for little animal lovers! It says on the box that they are suitable from 12 months upwards. Baby Girl has her eye on it, and finds it fascinating to watch! They are very soft and tactile and they would make lovely presents for a first or second birthday.

Disclosure: We were sent a Little Cuddles toy for review purposes. Our opinions remain honest as always.

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