Monday, 11 February 2013

2 weeks in on mission: lose the fat bum....

....and I've lost 8lb!

*Does a little dance*

I'm loving it to be honest! I have had a few wobbles; last week I ate pizza (you don't want to know about the syns!) and I had a half a glass of wine one night too, to celebrate some good news ( half a glass because I'm not really drinking as I'm breastfeeding Baby Girl, not because you're not allowed a whole one) and I still had a loss of 2lb! I'm doing the Slimming World Extra Easy plan which suits me really well.

We are all eating together in the evening which makes me very happy. Get this, Grown Boy who is renowned for his fussiness  clears his plate every night. The kids don't diet, by the way; we  just eat the same thing at dinner time (mostly) For example, last night we had homemade Chicken kievs, potato wedges and veggies. Grown Boy has NEVER eaten anything with something else inside it, LEAST OF ALL CHEESE! 


I have my half stone award and can't wait to weigh-in next weekend. I love tha tyou can snack (on free foods) and I'm feeling good! My hair feels softer, my skin is better.... I have energy.... amazingly... still feel sleep deprived and old, but I have some get-up-and-go!

I won't get rid of those size 12's just yet then...... ;)))

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