Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Poundland Weekly Cupboard Essentials Challenge - Could you save by switching to Poundland?

Be honest, if I said to you that you could get a majority of your everyday essentials in Poundland instead of a supermarket; would you believe me? Even I, as a keen 'Poundlander' was surprised to find they sold milk! Yes, you read it right, MILK! Who knew!? 

Image ©Poundland

Poundland have launched over 100 new grocery lines to help savvy families stock up on even more weekly essentials for less. To help celebrate this launch and to show you that you too could save with Poundland, I was asked to take part in a 'Weekly Essentials Cupboard Challenge'; where my task was to Switch to Poundland and buy my families weekly essentials  to see how much I could save on my regular shop.

We love Poundland here. It brings out the bargain hunter in me, personally and the book and craft section is like a treasure trove for the kids to spend their pocket money on. It makes me even more happy to discover than now I can pick up the kids packed lunch bits and our milk and bread in the same shop; along with other essentials such as fabric conditioner, cat food and cleaning products.  Most of which are well-known brands too; and with great multi-buy offers and low prices, you really can't go wrong.

I was sent a £15 voucher and I managed to buy this haul for exactly that amount:

  • Nobby's Nuts (140g) - £1 - I can't even find these scrummy snacks locally so that's a bonus already!
  • 5x Single packs of Kettle Chips  - £1
  • Felix cat food - 2 tins for £1
  • Cadbury's mini fingers (5 pack) - £1
  •  All-in-one Finish Dishwasher tabs x 13 - £1
  • Fruitypot Jelly x 3 - £1
  • Honey Waffles - £1 - The amount of cereal my lot go through is astounding so getting well known branded cereals for just £1 a box is brilliant!
  • Dettol antibacterial multi-action spray -£1
  • Ribena cartons x 4 - £1
  • Heinz Beans (Barbecue and Fiery Chili) - 2 for £1
  • Whiskas dry cat food - £1
  • Lenor  Pure Care fabric conditioner (orange blossom 500ml) - £1
  • Palmolive Thermal Spa shower gel - £1
  • The One 1% milk 2 litres - £1
  • Andrex Washlets - £1
I worked out that I have saved between £3.50 and £5 on these items from Poundland than at my usual supermarkets. I'm very pleased with the price of the dishwasher tabs, in particular; these cost me a fortune usually!

I am suitably impressed. I could have bought so much more because the shop was filled with offers and products that I normally buy elsewhere such as the mini packs of Ritz crackers, which I buy for the kids lunch boxes from time to time and Weight Watchers bagels which I really enjoy,  for just £1 each.

Do you have a Poundland store local to you? Why not pop in, and see how much you can save when you switch to Poundland?

Visit for more information or to locate your nearest store.

Disclosure: I received vouchers to cover the cost of my shopping. My opinions remain honest as always.


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