Thursday, 17 January 2013

Guest post: Energy-efficient appliances you should consider for your home

Don’t be fooled by the impressively small price tag on a tumble dryer or washing machine - it could cost you as much as £131 per year more in running costs if you don’t do some research before you go appliance shopping.

When buying tumble dryers from or other online retailers, you should always look out for the one that will cost you the least over time. And this may be calculated by determining energy efficiency which can then be translated into overall annual cost.
Consumer magazines like Which? put dozens of tumble-dryers through the ringer on an annual basis in order to estimate just how much each product will add to your electricity or gas bills.

Being aware of a tumble dryer’s economy could mean the difference between £38 and the aforementioned £131 being added to your annual energy bills – meaning that with the right knowledge, you could save as much as £93!

Which? Magazine judges tumble dryers on the speed at which they dry the clothes and the evenness of its drying process. To date, Which? has reviewed 60 tumble dryers to help consumers make the right choice – the most highly-rated of these are given the tag ‘Best Buy’. 

Curiously, the most energy-efficient models were not limited to one particular type of dryer - the best electric vented, electric condenser-powered, heat-pump and gas-vented models were all found to be energy-saving.

Which? Magazine awards the ‘Energy Saver’ logo to dryers that not only dry clothes quickly and efficiently, but that use the least amount of electricity or gas compared to other tumble dryers.
The magazine’s cost calculator is provided in a bid to make the potentially arduous (and costly) process of choosing and purchasing a tumble dryer easy – this feature illustrates quite clearly that a more expensive, yet energy-efficient dryer will ultimately cost you less than that cheap dryer you had your eye on before reading this article!  

Mark Kelly, from UK retailer Appliances Direct, is completely behind these technological improvements and said “anything that an everyday appliance can do to make people’s lives easier must be a good thing and it shows how new technologies and innovations can help improve existing pieces of household technology or equipment”

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