Thursday, 20 December 2012

Breakfast on the go with Belvita Breakfast - Strawberry and Live Yoghurt Duo Crunch

I'm not known for being organised, especially at home. I get the kids ready, fed and watered and often forget about myself. If you have children yourself, you probably recognise this scenario: The blasted alarm doesn't go off again, and for once Baby Girl sleeps through the 5am feed. I  run about the house waking up children as I go. Feed baby, grab uniforms from the dryer and iron them at speed; catching toast as it pops from the toaster and pouring Little One's cereal  trying to remember which child has PE today. On hands and knees retrieving school shoes from under the sofa and brushing the girls hair with my right foot (OK, I might be exaggerating on that one) Eventually, we rush out of the door with milliseconds to spare, with me running down the road pushing a pram with a small child on a buggy board, whilst the big kids laugh and say, 'Late again, Mum!'

I usually skip breakfast which is never a good idea. Or I eat when I get back home; by which time I am so hungry I practically eat the grocery shop in it's entirety which is full of rubbish because I shopped on an empty stomach. Never do that. Not ever.

The fabulous people at Belvita sent me the most amazing Breakfast on the go package with a family planner (ahem, yes I DEFINITELY need one of those), a travel cup (tea on the go? Yes please!!!!) a rather lovely mug and best of all, some NEW Belvita Breakfast Strawberry and Live Yoghurt Duo Crunch.

Belvita Breakfast is a great option for mums on the go, simply because it is convenient, quick to grab and eat on the hop and they taste yummy! I love biscuits so these are fabulous for me. Belvita Breakfast biscuits are especially designed to eat at breakfast time; giving you a source of calcium, fibre, Vitamins B1, E, magnesium and Iron. They are rich in cereal, made with a blend of 5 wholegrains and contain no colours or preservatives.

The Duo Crunch are a tasty combination of a fruit filling and a creamy live yoghurt inside a crunchy biscuit. I love them - they are really delicious and fairly filling when eaten with some fruit and washed down with a nice cup of tea.

Each pack of Belvita Breakfast Strawberry and Live Yoghurt Duo Crunch contains 5 packs of 2 biscuits which are ready to grab and enjoy.

You can find them in supermarkets at around £2.69 per pack.

I now have no excuse for skipping breakfast and with the help of my new breakfast on the go goodies, hopefully I'll manage to keep my New Years resolution and GET ORGANISED!!

Disclosure: I was sent a breakfast on the go pack in return for an honest review.

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