Wednesday, 7 November 2012 Kids T-shirt Craft Competition

We have been getting crafty this week and Middle Miss & Little One have each designed a t-shirt for a competition that are hosting.The best bit about this competition is that the winner gets to give £250 to a charity of their choice - how brilliant is that?!

The charity we have chosen is Alzheimers Research.  It's a charity that has been close to my heart for many years. My Nan was taken by this wicked illness and Alzheimers research share the same hope for the future as I do - to live in a dementia free world. Alzheimers research are experts in their field; specialising in funding world-class, pioneering research at leading universities to find preventions, treatments and a cure for dementia. They believe science and innovation hold the key to beating dementia and they invest in the scientists discovering more about the condition and what causes it.

97% Of Alzheimers research's funding comes from fundraising and donations from the public. 
Alzheimer’s Research UK is currently funding top scientists through more than 140 groundbreaking projects worth over £20 million in our determination to defeat dementia.

As I watched my girls working on their masterpieces; I thought about the charity we would choose, and I thought about how much my Nan would adore them. I'm sad that she never got to meet them, she would be so proud. Proud of Grown boy who is so much like her in many ways. Proud of the girls for becoming strong, spirited girls who know what they want and love life so much.

That's why choosing Alzheimers research is so fitting. I would love a cure to be found, or at least a way to prevent it stealing your loved ones long before they pass on.  

Anyway, enough sadness. Here are my Daughters beautiful entries. They both decided to design a t-shirt based on their favourite things. Middle Miss's shows her love for life, and her vibrancy and Little Ones shows just how big her heart is actually made me cry a little bit!

What do you reckon?

I think they have found their vocation! ;)

To find out more about the competition, have a looky here.

Disclosure: I was sent some t-shirts and fabric crayons but I have not been paid to write this post.
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