Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Baby's First Year - What an adventure!

Babyhuddle recently ran a survey among parents  to discover some fascinating statistics about your baby's first year. They then turned these findings into this really clever infographic - isn't it funky!!!

As a Mum of 4, I was quite shocked at just how much I'd spent on disposable nappies in just the first year of each of my children's lives - scary stuff, huh!?

Have a looksy at the infographic below:

For me personally as a breastfeeding mother; I found the statistics on how long we spend breastfeeding at first, quite surprising as only 6.7% said, 'Do I ever stop?' - which is how I feel at the moment! BUT - thinking about it logically, on average I suppose I'm only feeding for a couple of hours a day, like the other 42.7% of breastfeeding Mums. These statistics were more or less on par with bottle feeding Mums too, which I did find interesting. I always presumed that breastfed babies fed far more often than bottle fed babies (or so it seemed in my own experience!)

What about you? Do you agree with these findings? If like me, you have bottled fed and breastfed your babies, did you find a difference in how long you spent feeding in an average day?

At the moment, Baby Girl is getting ready to start weaning (yes, already!) and I feel like the early days when you seem to have a baby permanently attached to you. I don't mind, naturally .. I adore breastfeeding and Baby Girl is the bestest hugger in the world so it's all good. Although it would be nice to pee without putting baby in the cot and then hurdling furniture and small children to make it to the loo and back in record time! (I may have exaggerated a little knees just whimpered at the mere thought of doing anything more energetic than a slow granny shuffle)

To find out more about this infographic, visit the Babyhuddle blog.

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