Monday, 22 October 2012

Who fights the monsters under the bed?

Little One used to be afraid of the monsters under the bed. She'd always need the light on, and Grown boy had to slay these hairy, groaning  beasts that steal the duvet and poke her awake with their long bony fingers. Light sabers are seemingly quite effective.

One night after Grown boy fell asleep early; Little One found herself alone and confronting the beasts on her own was much too scary for any 4 year old. Even big ones. 'Oh, if only you could slay them for me, Bear-bear!' she sobbed; hugging her favourite teddy close. Bear-bear hugged her back; as tightly as he could. He loved Little One as much as she loved him and he wanted to protect his best friend; but he was scared too. He swallowed hard and shivered at the thought of being eaten as the beasts midnight snack. 'I need something', Bear-bear thought. 'Something magic; something super, something that will make me a hero.'

He looked around and there, hanging on the bedpost was just the thing. It was Little One's dressing gown. This dressing gown was magic, and it was super! It dried up tears, brought comfort when Little One was poorly and kept them both warm when it snowed outside and they were cold. 'Dressing gown will make me a hero!' Bear-bear exclaimed, pulling it on like a cape and with all the bravery he could muster he fought the evil, hairy monsters until they ran away to a faraway place. 

Triumphant, Bear-bear returned to a waiting Little One. She smiled and whispered, 'I Love you, Bear-bear!  I'll never be scared again - My Hero!' Bear-bear snuggled into her arms and they both  drifted off to sleep. Safe and sound.

This is an entry to Warren Evans Monster-free bed competition

*Based on a true Story - Bear-bear and dressing gown are Little Ones most favourite comforters and have been since she was very little.
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