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Smoke Relief e-Cigarette review

I'm incredibly proud of my Husband; he made the decision to quit smoking before Baby Girl was born in June and he has done so well. Like most people who give up smoking, he found the craving for nicotine quite difficult to ignore. Over the past 6 months or so, he has tried all sorts of anti-smoking products - all with varying degrees of success. 

One of his favoured products is the e-cigarette, and he has tried a few types previous to this review. They worked wonders but they gave him awful acid indigestion, so he had to stop using them. Smoke Relief kindly sent him a rechargeable kit to try; and as they describe their product as, 'America's no.1 e-Cigarette', my Husband was positive about the results.

If you have never heard of an e-cigarette before, let me explain. e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that give you inhaled doses of glycerine vapour mixed with nicotine and in this case, one of seven flavours.

What about the smoke? Isn't that still harmful?

Although it looks like smoke, it is not actually smoke. It is in fact vapourised vegetable glycerin - nothing is burnt so there is no cancerous tar. It is completely harmless. Glycerine is similar to a sugar, it gets absorbed in your lungs and metabolised by your body.  

They are completely safe and are therefore legal to use in the workplace and public places such as restaurants. There is no smell, so you won't reek of cigarette smoke and you won't have smokers breath! 

For more information do check out the Smoke Relief website

Here's what he thought:

I was very keen to try the e-cigarette from Smoke Relief as I was impressed with the description on the website. I had become a little disappointed in e-cigarettes in general, because they all seemed to give me uncomfortable acid indigestion, which was often worse than the craving itself. I was sure that there must be a product that worked for me and was hopeful that Smoke Relief might be the one. Besides the positivity expressed on the Smoke Relief website, I really liked the idea of the cappuccino flavour as I am a huge coffee fan.

I am very impressed with the e-cigarette from Smoke relief, I found it very easy to use, and  it charges from USB and my iPhone charger which I find convenient, especially as I am always on the go with work. 

It is larger than some other similar products on the market, and therefore is more realistic in terms of size as well as colour, and the tip is red rather than green or blue that other e-cigarettes have. This was noted by colleagues and also strangers in the street.

It has a fantastic LCD control on the front showing how charged it is, which is great and the buttons are simple to use. Due to the battery being bigger than others I have tried, it keeps charge for longer.

Smoke Relief have a brilliant range of flavours such as cappuccino, regular tobacco flavour, cherry, peach, menthol  and vanilla. They all taste great; better than any other e-cigarette I have tried previously. Best of all, it does NOT cause me to have acid indigestion!

The hard case looks and feels quite 'cool'  and has generated a lot of interest from work colleagues. It's fantastic to carry around to starve off craving, and it's now a permanent accessory in my work bag. I recently took it on a  3 day overnight team building event where I would have been surrounded mainly by smokers and didn't want to be ostracised.  It was a fantastic alternative for what would have usually been a difficult situation for me, smoking wise.

Inside the case not as roomy as some, and I found that the lid does not close when the e-cigarette is assembled, which I found to be a little inconvenient. 

Overall, I think it is well worth the money for peace of mind and it would make a great gift for someone who enjoys smoking but worries about the potential health issues that come with  smoking regular cigarettes.

It won't necessarily help you give up smoking altogether and it's not sold as such because you are still having a nicotine fix , and so your body will not learn to cope without it, BUT it does offer a healthier alternative. I will continue to use it, as I do enjoy smoking; I just do not want the health implications of doing so. 

The kit costs just £29.95 at the moment and contains:

- Deluxe Smoke Relief Charger Box
- 2 x Lithium-ion cigarette batteries
- USB cable and charger
- 5 x 18mg tobacco cartridges - equivalent to 100 cigarettes
- 5 x cartridges of your chosen flavour and strength - equivalent to 100

Disclosure: We received a rechargeable deluxe kit plus refills for review purposes. The opinions expressed by my husband are his honest thoughts based on his own personal experience. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

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