Monday, 20 August 2012

Organix Toddler Food Review

A little while ago Little One was sent some toddler food from Organix to try. I have finally got around to blogging about them; never enough hours in the day!

I used to buy Little One Organix baby food and snacks until she was about 18 months old, so we are familiar with some of the range, but I was completely unaware they they did 'ready meals' that a suitable for older babies & toddlers. 

We were sent an individual serving of:

  • Organix Mighty Meal (Organic Tasty Beef Stew & Dumplings) - Organic tasty beef stew & dumplings with vegetables. Suitable from 1-3 Years.
  • Organix Goodies Organic Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar - Organix Goodies Raspberry & Apple Cereal Bar is a of blend of wholegrain oats, raisins, coconut, apple & raspberry juice. These are suitable for babies aged 12 months+ & are suitable for vegetarians.
  • Organix Goodies Organic Veg & Oat Bar (sweetcorn and red pepper) Organic veg & oat bars sweetcorn & red pepper containing a blend of organic wholegrain oats, barley malt extract, sweetcorn powder and red pepper flakes. For babies 12 months+ and suitable for vegetarians.
  • Organix Goodies Organic Mini Cheese CrackersMade with real organic cheese, they are yummy on their own or scrumptious with a dip.
  • Organix Goodies Organic Mini Gingerbread Men - Tasty organic gingerbread biscuits made from wholegrain flour and sweetened only with organic grape juice. Suitable from 12 months.
  • Organix Goodies Organic Raisins & Chopped Apricots -  A yummy mix of 100% organic dried fruits. Each handy mini bag is a fun and tasty way to one of their 5 a day. Suitable from 12 months.
  • Organix Goodies Organic Cheese & Herb Puffsmade with real cheese & herb and at least a third less salt and fat than most children's snacks. Suitable from 12 months+

Organix Mighty Meal (Organic Tasty Beef Stew & Dumplings)

I wasn't sure whether Little One would like this or not if I'm honest. She's not used to 'ready meals' as such, but I was pleased to read that there are no nasties included in the meal at all. It only took 40 seconds to warm through, which would be great for a quick, hot meal if you were pushed for time one day. It looked quite nice once warmed through and in a bowl. The dumplings were a nice size for little people and would encourage self feeding as they are easy to pick up. 

Little One seemed really excited to try this as part of her lunch one day. She was thrilled that the 'dinner' was just for her and she said it looked, 'yummy' on the packaging. She ate the lot in record time and asked if I'd buy it for her again; can't get a better review than that really! I was amazed at how much Little One enjoyed it. I found it hard not to consider it 'baby food' but she ate it, enjoyed it, and it's made with healthy ingredients, so I'm a happy Mum.

Organix Goodies Organic Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar

Little One had eaten these when she was younger, and really liked them. This time she said it was nice  and ate most of it; before deciding to give the last bit to middle Miss. These are nice to keep in your bag for days out, to take on picnics or to offer as a snack.

Organix Goodies Organic Veg & Oat Bar (sweetcorn and red pepper)

Little One really didn't make much of this one. She said it tasted 'funny' which made me laugh. A veggie flavoured oat bar seemed quite strange but I tried it myself, and they are actually quite nice; probably a bit bland for an adults palate, but I think they would be great for older babies & young toddlers and a crafty way of sneaking a few more veggies into their diet! Just not for Little One!

Organix Goodies Organic Mini Cheese Crackers

Now these were devoured within minutes. I didn't get to try them because Little One liked them so much, she hogged the packet! I used to worry about the salt content in cheese crackers, so I will definitely be buying Baby Girl some of these when she is old enough (that seems so long away, but it will be here in a flash, no doubt!) They crackers are small enough for little hands and mouths and are easily eaten because they are not too hard.

Organix Goodies Organic Mini Gingerbread Men

I used to buy these a lot when Little One was younger too. However, I seem to remember them being in a box and possibly bigger, but anyway; another lovely snack with no junk - perfect. The biscuits are very cute and a good size for toddlers. Also the individual bags hold just enough for a little snack so they won't ruin their appetite. Little One shared them with Middle Miss who also said they were tasty.

Organix Goodies Organic Raisins & Chopped Apricots

These are my favourite of all the products we tried. Raisins and apricots provide many nutrients and these handy little bags hold just enough for a toddler. They are organic, obviously and I will continue to buy these for Little Ones lunch box in September as she enjoyed them so much!

Organix Goodies Organic Cheese & Herb Puffs 

Another snack we are familiar with. Little One loves these now, just as much as she did before. They are lower in salt that regularly 'crisps' style snacks which is great and using real cheese & herbs means their are no artificial flavours. Little Ones favourites were Organix Carrot Stix - she would eat them all day if we let her!

Many thanks to Organix for a mini walk down memory lane. I shall definitely be buying Organix for Baby Girl in the future.

Please do have a look at their website or follow Organix on twitter for more information and updates.

Disclosure: We were sent a sample pack of Organix food to try. Our thoughts are honest as always.

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