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Okiedog changing bag and Clipix review

I make no secret of the fact that I am a bit of a bag junkie, more so with changing bags. I love a bag with functionality, so when I was asked to review a changing bag from Okiedog, I was very excited. I've been trying out my new, snazzy Okiedog bag for a little over a week now. Here's what I thought:

Day 1 - First impressions

Oooh it's arrived! I excitedly rip open the postal bag to see which design I have been sent. I am very happy to see a gorgeous dark red bag which looks very roomy. It looks like a shoulder bag given the length of the handle, but I don't see an adjustable strap of any kind, so I will see how I manage with that. There are lots of pockets and extra bits, so I shall investigate this further.


The bag I am reviewing is the Viva La Mama Sassy, which is described as, a 'new interpretation of the celeb style tote bags', in trendy pattens and funky colours. I have to say I love the colour. It's a deep, burgundy red which will be perfect with autumn outfits. I love the funky bag charm that hangs on the side and there are so many pockets.... I think I'm in love!  Can't wait to use it tomorrow.

Day 2- Functionality & Features 

Today I've really had a good look at what this bag can do. I'm planning a long (ish) day away from home this week, so I'm trying to get a good feel for it.  I am SO impressed! It comes with a fold up travel change mat, a bottle holder, which is insulated; a wet bag for popping soiled clothes/reusable nappies into, and several Clipix hooks and connectors.

There's no need for me to carry my handbag as well because there is a mobile phone pocket and key holder located inside one of the deep front pockets. Unlike other bags I've used, this makes it easy for me to grab my phone/keys without rummaging through the whole bag, and I know they are also secure.

Mobile phone pocket, key holder & pocket containing travel change mat

I love the addition of a wet bag. It might only be a small thing, but it's so useful to have; far better than using plastic nappy bags to put soiled items in and as it zips and is wipe clean, it means everything else in the bag will stay clean and dry.

Best of all, I love the Clipix system. Clipix is the new, universal, flexible, removable stroller accessory system from okiedog which is designed for parents and kids who love the outdoors. With a simple “Click” various accessories can be attached to the stroller to keep your belongings within easy reach & to make outdoor travelling an easier and safer affair. Simply attach the base clip system once and you're set up. You can then swap & replace your clipix accessories as and when required; to suit your needs at that particular time. Perhaps, you want to attach your okiedog bottle holder, a cup holder, or like I have, the LED light. The clipix base clip includes adaptors for various strollers, including square and oval tubes; I have both shapes, so this means I can use the one system on either pushchair. These connectors also mean that using the hooks that are included, I can attach the bag to my pram/stroller, simply and easily. This is such a clever and useful concept. I love it.

Attaching bag to my pushchair using Clipix system

Looking good! The lining between the two front pockets is also reflective - perfect for walking in the dark.

Day 3 - Design

As I mentioned earlier, the pattern and colour are lovely. I have packed the bag with all Baby Girls bits and pieces, and a parcel that I needed to post on the way back - it holds so much! I've only popped to the baby clinic today but that gave me the opportunity to carry it as well as carrying Baby Girl in my arms. The handle sits well on my shoulder, but I would prefer an extra adjustable strap that would allow me to wear it across my body so I can have my arms free.

Pockets galore!
I really like the shape of the bag, it's fashionable, yet functional, which is what I look for in a changing bag. It's fun and looks great. The fabric and lining are very smart and of excellent quality; the amount of pockets is perfect. It allows me to keep small items safe so I don't have to search through clothes and nappies for them. I really like the side pockets; they are perfect for keeping the bottle holder in one side, and a bottle of water in the other for Mum/Dad.

Day 4 - Clipix usage 

Today I popped out for a walk in the dark just to have a little test of the Clipix LED light. Supplied with it's own base clip, both adaptors and button batteries that are required already fitted. All I had to do was open the box, unclip the light using a coin, pull out a protective tab, slot the light on to the base clip and I was ready to go. The roads just around my house are badly lit,  and my pram is a dark grey colour, so I feel safer using this light on the pram when crossing roads in the dark.

The Clipix LED light for strollers

Here is a short video of it working. You can choose from a selection of modes when using the light.

The bottle holder that comes with the changing bag also has a connector attached to it so you can also attach that to your pushchair, for easy access when travelling with a bottle fed baby.

The bottle holder simply attaches to the base clip and looks very stylish.

Day 5 -  A day out with my Sassy

Today I took Baby Girl and Little One out to visit the family. The Sassy needed to hold 3 changes of clothes, 10 nappies, wipes, muslin's, a cardigan, a couple of drinks for Little One and my personal belongings. It succeeded, and then some. 

The various pockets allowed me to store baby's cream and emergency Infacol; I knew exactly where my phone and keys were at all times, and I put my purse into one of the inside pockets,  so it was easily accessible (great for when the Ice cream van pulled up) and I knew it I wasn't going to accidentally pull it out when changing a nappy en route.

As I breastfeed, I didn't need the bottle holder, so I put Little Ones sports bottle in one side, and my water in the other. This meant Little One could get her own drink without having to ask for it.

I kept the base clips on the pram, so I could put the changing bag on it when needed. The open clips makes it very easy to take back off again. I also had the LED light ready for the journey home. It doubles as a great distraction tool for an about-to-tantrum toddler too.

I don't know about you, but whenever I visit people we always end up bringing home more than we left with, so I was really pleased that there was enough room in the bag for some small gifts that the children were given.

On the way home, it wasn't really dark, so I didn't need to use the light, but I know it's going to come in very useful over the next few months when it will be dark by the time Middle Miss finishes football practise and drama club. It's something I do get nervous about when walking with the children.

Day 6 - Feeling funky 

I received some lovely compliments about my new lovely bag yesterday but today, whilst shopping, I was actually stopped by a complete stranger to ask where my bag was from *big grin*  The lady in question actually thought it was a Kipling bag so she was surprised to find that it was a changing bag. That made me smile, and feel a little bit trendy rather than just another Mum shopping for the kids.

Day 7 - Final thoughts

Overall I love the bag. I think the easy use Clipix system is fantastic and so useful for parents of babies and young children. I shall be purchasing the cup holder when Baby Girl starts using beakers.

I think this particular bag retails at around £58 which would be a lot for me to spend. However, it is going to last and with all the extras you get with it, I think it's worth every penny. It ticks all the boxes for a good changing bag, in my opinion. It looks great, it holds a lot (because, let's face it, you WILL be carrying everything but the kitchen sink with a new baby); it has useful features, like the key holder, bottle holder and change mat and with the addiction of the Clipix system, it takes travelling with a pushchair to a whole new level for me. I think it's brilliant.

Thanks so much to Okiedog for introducing me to both the Okiedog bags and the Clipix system.

For more styles and designs please visit and check out their nursery catalogue.

Disclosure: I was sent an Okiebag bag and Clipix LED light for purposes of this review. My thoughts an opinions are my own and as always, remain honest.
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