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Mothercare Movix Pram & Pushchair Review

I am so excited to be writing this review! Over the years I have developed a bit of a pram addiction. Well, in the sense that I lust over new designs and funky colours; not that I buy dozens of prams - my Hubby would divorce me!  Anyway, when Mothercare asked me if I would like to review their Movix pram & pushchair, I almost cartwheeled around the room. What  a fantastic opportunity! Anyway I chose to review the Cherry Pop, which is a fabulous colour for the summer (or to brighten up a gloomy day).  I received the complete Movix package which retails at £570 - Isn't it gorgeous?!

What you get:

The Mothercare Movix is a complete pram & pushchair travel system, available in a choice of versatile colour-ways to suit every taste. To purchase a Movix pushchair you simply need to select your choice of base pack, necessity pack and comfort pack and you are ready to go.

When selecting your package, you first choose your Base pack in either Dark Clay or Vanilla. The base pack consists of the travel system chassis, carry cot, wipe clean mattress with fabric cover, pram liner and an airflow pushchair seat.

Then you choose your Necessity pack from 5 fabulous colour choices; cherry pop, citrus punch, Ebony, hazelnut or pebble. The necessity pack consists of  the hood, carry cot apron, seat cover, strap pads, carry cot weathershield and a pushchair weathershield.

Finally you select your Comfort pack in the same colour choices. The comfort pack consists of  a cosy toe and a changing bag.

This is a big travel system, so it took a bit of effort to put it together. The back wheels are a large tyre style and the base pack came with a hand little pump which slips easily into a storage pocket underneath the pram.

The carry cot has a wooden base which makes it incredibly sturdy, and ideal to use as a occasional travel crib if you wished. But this also makes it quite heavy. The weight of the pram (chassis & carry cot) is 13.2KG and my wrists do feel it when I'm pushing it for long periods. That said, it also means that it feels like my baby is safe and secure inside the carry cot and it doesn't roll away very easily. I love the handle. As you can see from my photos below, the handle can be adjusted in height from a simple push of a button situated at the front of the handle. The highest setting is great for taller Mums and for Dads. This pleases my Hubby, as he said that it is the first pram he has been able to push without stooping over and hurting his back.

The carry cot is very roomy, yet cosy. It is longer in length than other carry cots I've used so it should  be big enough until my Daughter is old enough to go in the pushchair.

I also love the weathershields. Not only do they fit perfectly, and stretch more than you think they will; they also match your colour-way choice. The carry cot weathershield zips around the front of the hood, which means you don't have to remove it to get to your baby. It also means you can leave it open a little for extra ventilation; although the weathershield does have ventilation holes on either side.

The carry cot liner adds that little bit extra comfort to the mattress plus it's great for keeping the pram clean. On our first outing Baby Girl was a little sick in it. With other prams I've lined them with muslin squares in case of sicky mishaps but with the Movix, you don't have to. The liner zips off and goes into the washing machine! perfect! The carrycot apron also zips on and off, which is so much easier than having press studs everywhere.

Apart from it being a little weighty, the pram is lovely to push. The wheels make it a breeze to manoeuvre and the excellent suspension allows for bumpy surfaces. I did struggle with navigating curbs and steps to start with as the smaller wheels would sometimes get caught when going down the curb, but I'm used to them now and have little trouble. The back wheels are nice and chunky with good treads.

I like the zip up storage compartment under the chassis but it's not really big enough for shopping and I wouldn't want to risk putting anything too heavy in it for fear of damaging it, but the zip means anything I do put in there is safe, and won't get lost or wet in the rain.

The hood is slightly lower at the front which kept the sun off of baby (when we saw some sunshine, that is!)

The changing bag is gorgeous. It's really smart and the various compartments and addition of a fold up travel change mat, makes it very useful when out and about. The adjustable strap means I can hang it on the handle of the pram or wear it across my body, leaving my hands free to carry baby. The Cosy toe is beautiful. I've never seen one like this; it's a cocoon style and feels super snuggley. The front can also be removed for use as an extra comfy liner. It has hidden magnets which allows you to secure the cosy toe over the bumper bar.

I think the brake is fantastic. Just one simple oval button that you push down with your foot to activate, then again to take it back off. Innovative, easy to use and very secure. 

We also put it together as a pushchair to show you how lovely it looks. The pushchair mode is only suitable from 6 months, so I will review again when my Daughter is old enough. The airflow seat is so light. In fact when in pushchair mode the weight is reduced to 11.9KG. It's quite roomy, so I can imagine it would hold a taller toddler quite well. The seat pads are so, so soft. I'm looking forward to using the pushchair in the future; I think Baby Girl  will be very comfortable in it.

The seat has 3 positions for comfort and can be used in both forward and parent-facing options; I know this is a big considering factor for a lot of parents when selecting a pushchair, so another thumbs up for Mothercare! The designers really have considered all aspects of comfort for your child, and I'm suitably impressed.

Swapping it over from carry cot to pushchair (or car seat to carry cot) is very easy; just push in a button either side and the carseat/carry cot pulls off with ease. I don't have one of the compatible car seats to show you, but you can fit a Maxi Cosi car seat (either cabrioFix or Pebble) for the convenience of a travel system. You won't need any extra attachments, which makes this system even easier to use. You won't wake baby when removing the car seat or carry cot as it's so simple to do.

This is a great system that I would happily recommend. Whilst not inexpensive you can feel every pound is well spent on the comfort of baby. Thank you very much to Mothercare for the chance to review such a wonderful product.

Rating: 4 / 5

Disclosure: I was sent a Mothercare Movix for review purposes. My opinions , as always are honest and based on my own individual experience with the product.

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