Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Land Of Sometimes Review

I was asked if my little music lover would like to review this CD a couple of months ago, and then I forgot all about it. (I have a nappy brain, what can I say!)  A few weeks later, a CD dropped through my door, and it came on a day where Little One was in one of those moods. You know the ones... slightly snotty, grumpy and nothing pleases them.

I was all out of stories, TV programmes, DVDs, games.... we had even grown bored of the Ben and Holly castle ( I know, unheard of!) Anyway, I peeked in the top of the envelope and  then gave it to Little One, saying it was 'something special' for her. 

Immediately, the snot was wiped (OK, she cuffed it) and she bounced up wanted to put it on right away. She liked the rather amazing cover, and decided it must be 'Greaaaaaat!', her new favourite word (I can't stop thinking she sounds like Tony the Tiger when she says it)

Don't get me wrong, as much as we love this CD, Calpol is still my number one friend, but it certainly cheered up a grumpy 3 year old, and saved my sanity (albeit only for the duration of the CD)

The story is narrated with a gentle voice, and the songs are brilliant - perfect for the car I think!

Get ready to be taken on a magical journey with twins Alfie and Elise as they travel to The Land Of Sometimes, where four seasons pass within one day. As they travel through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and as the story unfolds, you will be introduced to a collection of deliciously eccentric characters and their original songs. From the River Slouch Sling who just wants to make friends, to Little Twink, a mischievous little fairy; and Mrs Blip who likes to make you slip to the Chameleon Catcher and the Willow Tree Choir Boy to name but a few.  

Catchy, melodic, sometimes hilarious, each song is different from the last. Irish folk to New Orleans jazz, reggae to disco, poetry to simple beauty, these songs have a universal appeal and are an introduction to the eternal power of music and storytelling.

The Land of Sometimes is completely unique to any other audio 'book' I have come across before. It's an original array of musical genres delivered as an adventure 'fairytale' that children will love to listen to over and over. 

Little One loved The Ditty of Little Twink the most - very cute! The CD comes inside a beautiful book, the size of a CD case. The pages are filled with beautiful illustrations that help bring the story to life.

I can't tell you enough, just how awesome I think it is. A true work of art. 

Thank you so much for the copy - it will be well listened to :)

Have a look at the Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and browse their website at

The CD is available here at £15
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