Thursday, 3 May 2012

Handmade Thursday - Guest post from @Gidders1 - Tin Can Herb Pots

As I edge closer to my baby's due date (4 weeks, 5 days and counting!) I have called upon my talented Blogging friends to bring you some lovely guest posts for Handmade Thursday 
This week we have a fabulous kitchen idea from Amanda, AKA @Gidders1 who blogs at The Ana Mum Diary - If you haven't already, do pop over and have a read of her blog - you'll love it!  
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I am delighted to be doing my 1st guest post on my very good friend Mummiafelice's blog today.
I love Handmade Thursday, and when I was deciding what to feature for this weeks linky, my immediate thought was something related to food.  So I decided to make Tin Can Herb Pots!
This is really simple craft, that I think looks really effective, and cost very little too. You might even have all these things already.
All you need is:
  • Empty tin cans: I used tomatoes, but you could use olive oil cans or an old tea caddie. 
  • A hammer and screw driver - to make holes in the bottom of the cans.
  • Herbs plants that are already established from the supermarket.
  • OR Herb seeds and soil to grow you own.
Here is my window sill before
It really needs a bit of colour, don't you think?
Parsley here, which I add to salads and fish dishes 
Or how about :
Parsley Pesto:
  • 1oz chopped flat leaf parsley leaves (no stalks)
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed.
  • 1½oz freshly grated Parmesan or a vegetarian alternative.
  • 2 oz pine nuts, or walnuts.
  • 2 fl oz extra virgin olive oil.
  • Sea salt.
Adding the holes, will help with drainage. 
You can add stones at the bottom as well, but it's not  absolutely necessary.  Use a small screw driver. Please note Tall Dad (my hubby) no screwdrivers were harmed in the making of this plant pot.
Then simply transfer the plant to the tin can. If you are being even more thrifty, you could split the plant and make two for the price of one!
Here are the finished results:

So what do you think, recycling trash into herby window sill treasure.
Thank you Tracy, over to you.

Thank you so much Amanda! What a brilliant, thrifty and useful idea! I think it looks so pretty!! It's an absolute honour to have you guest post on my blog! I'm delighted...thank you!
So, what do you have to share this week? Something you've baked? Sewn? Knitted? Painted? Upcycled? You can share ANYTHING that is handmade or homemade.... I would love to see!

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