Saturday, 28 April 2012

Po-Tolo Plan Bee From Outer Space by Olly Oliver

I'm really starting to believe that Top That! Publishing are physic or something! Little One has recently developed an interest in bees. Not a fear of bees, which makes a pleasant change, but a keen interest. She Even declared that she wished her Daddy was a bumble bee! (I have no idea!!)

I love the way Po-Tolo makes bees colourful and not-at-all scary looking (well, they are from outer space, I suppose!)

Po-Tolo and his friend Lop, travel to Earth in search for help when all the bees disappear from their own planet. It's up to the Earth bees to save the day - but can they do it?

This is a bright, colourful book that grabs children attention straight away. It's a really cheerful, simple story that teaches youngsters about the importance of bees.

Little One loved it - more than I had imagined she would; asking numerous questions, which I found fascinating (and enjoyable) - quite an environmental hero, is our Po-Tolo! - Brilliant!

You can buy Po-Tolo here, at £6.29 or in PDF for £1.79

Thanks once again to Top That! Publishing.

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