Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cubs First Summer by Rebecca Elliott

I grinned when this book arrived for Little One to review - after all, our own little cub will experience her first Summer when she arrives in just over a months time!

This is a lovely bedtime story that will send your little ones off to sleep with dreams of warm summer days, cool paddling pools and flower filled meadows.

Little One loved the illustrations; the foxes are incredibly cute and the scenes are bursting with fun! It truly is a visual treat!

As the title suggests, this is the tale of cubs very first summer; his experiences of those special days that children of all ages can identify with.

'why are days so long? Why are the birds singing so loudly? Why are the vegetables so big?' 

Cub questions everything he sees, which is very much like Little One at the moment; so inquisitive and learning through her own experiences.

Cub finds himself in the middle of his first thunderstorm. This really couldn't have come at a better time as Little One has developed a fear of them. 'Why is the thunderstorm so scary?' questions a worried Cub. 'So we can snuggle up tight', whispers Mum with a smile. What a lovely explanation for little minds! I got rather a lovely cuddle at the end of this story - perfect!

Thanks so much to Top that! Publishing for yet another amazing story book. You can buy Cubs First Summer here, for £5.39 or in PDF for £1.79

Please also consider voting for this gorgeous book for The Peoples Book Prize
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