Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Review: Vicks VH5000 CoolMist Mini-Ultrasonic Humidifier

A few months a go I received a Vicks VH5000 CoolMist Mini-Ultrasonic Humidifier and a Vicks Gentle Touch thermometer to review.

Just before Christmas we all suffered with Flu and directly afterwards, we were struck down with a flu-like virus, so these came in incredibly handy (and have been well tested!)

First of all let me tell you about the humidifier. 

This latest generation cool mist humidifier will help to reduce the survival of flu viruses and ease conditions such as a dry nose, throat, eyes and skin discomfort.
 I pretty much adore this product. I suffer with allergic Rhinitis and as I'm pregnant, I can't take my usual antihistamine. So I have been suffering with congestion, a dry nose and throat discomfort. This has really helped me. I have tried saline nasal drops and they do help, but only for short periods which meant my sleep was still disturbed. The first night I tried the humidifer, I slept without disruption from waking, unable to breathe. 

When I used it for my children, instead of laying awake coughing all night, they slept soundly. 
 “Part of the reason for increased respiratory illnesses during this time is because humidity levels in the air reach a yearly low,” said  Ricardo Novella , Brand Manager Healthcare at Kaz Europe SA, manufacturer of Vicks humidifiers under a license to the Vicks trademark. 
 Studies show that keeping indoor air at a relative humidity level of 40-60% reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. 
“One of the first things doctors recommend when a child comes down with a cold is to use a humidifier, as this can help loosen congestion and soothe a sore throat. Proper humidification is especially important for children since their smaller nostrils get bunged up more easily,” said 
Ricardo Novella.
I didn't actually realise most of this. I spend my time trying to avoid condensation and extra humidity in the house to help prevent black mould, etc.  But it's actually dry air from modern heating that can make congestion worse when you have a cold or flu. Catch 22, I guess. So, I am trying to keep the humidity at an 'in-between' level. This also helped with my Sons 'dry eye' - (you can use it without the VapoPad for this*)

The Vicks VH5000 Cool Mist Mini-Ultrasonic Humidifier is compact, ultra quiet, makes the room feel warmer and demonstrates efficiency through visible mist which can be directed with a 360° nozzle. The VH5000 runs for up to eight hours per filling and is suitable for a child’s room due to its silent technology and as cool mist avoids risk of burns.
The humidifier is quiet enough not to disturb sleep. The mist is very visible, in fact, you will be surprises at how visible when you first use it. You will be forgiven for thinking Thomas the Tank has just pulled in to Sodor Station! Joking aside, this allows to you see exactly where you are directing the mist, and both the children and myself found it quite comforting.  It does not get hot whatsoever, so it is perfectly safe to keep in your childs room.

As it will run for eight hours per filling, it soothes right through the night without the need to top it up, or check on it.
*The humidifier can be used with Vicks menthol scent VapoPads, a soothing smell that helps relieve congestion and cold symptoms.  Demineralization cartridges can also be used to soften the water and avoid white dust and can also be used with Antibacterial cartridges to kill bacteria and viruses because of its active carbon properties.
I was sent some VapoPads to use with the humidifier. Although optional, I would highly recommend them as the menthol really does make a difference to the congestion when suffering with a cold.  I find it relaxing too, which can only make you feel better. These are available separately at around £3.49 for 5, which I think is good value.

Other than the medicinal benefits, the factor that seals it for me is that it is suitable from birth. Parents everywhere will tell you how horrible it is when their tiny baby gets their first cold. I find it reassuring that I have a product all ready and waiting for my forthcoming arrival. AND, it's suitable for the rest of the family... even the big 'kids' with.... ahem.... Man flu!

The VH5000 Cool Mist Mini-Ultrasonic humidifier has a two year warranty and is available from pharmacies and other stores at the recommended price of £49.99 - worth every penny in my opinion!

 To read about the Vicks Gentle Touch thermometer, click here.

Image from Kaz Europe

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