Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Music for Bedtime

Album artwork ©Essie Jain

Some of you may have read about our bedtime battles, and although we have come on leaps and bounds since I wrote that post, Little Ones bedtime still can be a little less restful than we would like. Not all the time, but occasionally, and I'm always interested in finding other ways to soothe and calm her.

Image ©Essie Jain

When NYC based British musician, Essie Jain, contacted me and asked me to review her album, 'Morning of Light', I was intrigued.  After being told that her songs soothed and calmed people as they listened to her sing, it became apparent to her that people where always looking for new ways to calm and soothe their children at nap-time or bedtime, and that's how the idea for her album was born - in her own words,
 'This record is made for every parent and every baby (and anyone else) who needs to rest and head off into the land of sleep. The record is designed to unwind itself as it goes along, as the music becomes softer and more relaxed, eventually becoming as instrumental as the heart beat.'
The songs are absolutely beautiful, and I thank Essie for introducing us to her music. I find it very relaxing myself, and the first time I listened to it with Little One, she instantly curled up in my arms, started sucking her thumb and calmed right down.  She even gently 'sang' along to some of the first songs. 

As the album continues, the songs drift into more sleepy, softer, calmer, vocal-less music, allowing your child to relax and hopefully drift off to sleep. The final song, is called 'Midnight starship' and is a gentle instrumental that, as Essie mentions herself, resembles the familiar rhythm of a heartbeat.

Such a wonderful way to end a busy day, in my opinion. It is so lovely to snuggle down with her and listen to such peaceful music.

Selfishly, this is also a chance for me to have some undivided attention from my toddler who won't stay still in the day. How lucky am I, to have her in my arms, so content, feeling so loved. 

Absolutely blissful- I'd highly recommend to parents of babies and young children.

You can buy the album from Essie's shop here for $12 (Shipping is worldwide) You can listen to a selection of the lullabies here.

Please find Essie on Facebook and Twitter :)
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