Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The new Trunki Toy Box - A review!

Innovative children's brand, Trunki believes that traveling should be both fun and educational for kids, so their team of 'imagineers' work tirelessly to bring families 'boredom busting' children's travel solutions so that traveling doesn't need to be stressful. Believe me when I say it can be! If, like mine, you have a strong-willed toddler who gets bored and tired at the drop of a hat, you probably can relate.

At home can be a similar senario, especially when it's getting to the end of the day, feet start dragging and boring 'chores' such as tidying toys away can be just too much for a little person. Thanks to Trunki, you can now make tidying fun with the help of their NEW Travel Toy Box - one of which, Trunki have kindly sent to Little One for her to test out.

The 4 in 1 Trunki Travel Toy Box is the 'world’s first ride-on, push-around, travelling toy box!' Simply take off the lid, throw in some toys, and then take it with you, wherever you go! With the lid on, turn it over and it becomes a ride-on toy box! It also doubles up as a rocking cradle to help teddy get a well earned rest, Just like 'Bear Bear' is here.

The Toy boxes are incredibly light. I was surprised at just how light they are, and with the carry handle too, it makes for light work! Little One seems read to go... I wonder where we are going?

You could easily gather outdoor toys such as frisbees, giant bubbles, and a football, throw in a few drinks and a snack and head off to the park with this. You wouldn't be dropping things on the way, leaving an arm free to hold your little ones hand. Perhaps the teddies would like to go on a picnic?

I personally love the ride-on feature (not for me, you understand, that would be silly *ahem*) but it's a great distraction for the children when the dreaded tantrums kick in, and as Little One beautifully demonstates here, it makes a super seat for a rest and a cuddle with 'Bear Bear'

We have had fun using it to scoot around the living room, tidying toys away as we go. It makes 'tidy up time' far less tedious, Little One learns to tidy up for herself, and I have a whinge-free 10 minutes whilst we recover the floor. Little One has the 'scoot along on your knees' method down to a fine art!

If you own more than one toy box, you can clip them together and make a Trunki train! Watch this adorable video to see the Trunki Toy box in it's full glory.

We heart the Trunki Toy Box - I think they are a great idea for families on the go. They are big enough to hold some favourite toys, but not too big, so they are not bulky or awkward.

They are available in Blue or Pink and retails at £19.99 each. At the moment if you buy them directly from Trunki here, you can buy 3 for £50 by quoting TOYBOX in the voucher box at the checkout!*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Trunki.com promotions*

You can find out more about Trunki products at trunki.co.uk on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I received a Trunki Toy Box free of charge for review purposes. My opinions on the product are my personal, honest views, and I have received NO financial reward for writing this review post.


Amanda Cottingham @gidders1 said...

I did wonder (sorry trunki) what the point was of these, as I LOVE the suitcases. But the fact that they can wheel it along and collect al the toys up and the end of the day is a fabulous idea!!!

Windmilltales said...

Absolutely fab idea, going on hols in August, would love to get one here in the Netherlands

Kay said...

These look brilliant! I go through hell trying to get my two to tidy up after themselves, maybe something like this would help. Lovely item! Looks very sturdy too.

Lily Stine said...

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Baby Genie said...

We love our Trunki suitcase so might have to invest, we are seriously running out of toy space! Such cute photos!

Misty Massie said...

I looked for where I could get this in America, and it looks like Mellissa and Doug sells them, but only an old version or different version or something. I would much prefer these! Hope they come to america soon!

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