Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club Crafty Competition

If you and your kids love to get crafty then this is a competition for you! This post is our entry but I thought I'd tell you about the comp as well. You don't have much time left to enter (All entrants must link up by Thursday 28th July, 8pm British Summer Time) BUT.. you don't have to do anything too complicated - we all know that sometimes the best crafts can be dead simple, but amazingly effective!

The fabulous Red Ted Art is hosting a great competition to celebrate Fly Thomas Cook’s brand new Kids Club - it’s combining reading and creativity!

To enter, choose and read one of the
two stories and you can get imaginative as you like to have an illustration (can be paint/glitter/crafty/etc!) that goes with one the stories!

- Ghost Island

- Magic Mirror

Write/post about your creative masterpiece and pop a link on Red Ted Art's comment section!

There's a great Kid’s Travel Kit up for grabs:

* A child’s digital camera (VTech Kidizoom Plus Multimedia Digital Camera)

* A fab trunki suitcase (Tiger)

* Child’s headphones (Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids)

* Quality doodle book

* Crayola shark fin case

* Sunscreen

* A pair of goggles

Sounds great right?

So, on to our entry - Little One and Middle Miss liked the idea of Ghost Island so we read that together. Little One decided that curses and Greek Gods are a little bit scary and Middle Miss worried she would have a bad dream! So, between us we came up with the idea of making a 'dream catcher' decorated with the beautiful, coloured birds that welcomed the upset Julia to the island. Surely curses and bad dreams won't bother us with these stunning creatures here to protect us?

So, first of all we made copies of the birds from the story, and coloured them in.

Then, we cut the middle out of a paper plate, and decorated it. ( I did the cutting for safety) We saved the cut-out part for later.

Middle Miss drew Julia's precious gem and coloured it in Jade green ( fab isn't it!!)

With my help, the girls add a 'catcher' design, using some wool and lots of sticky tape.

I cut round all the birds and glued them to some card. I then cut each one out and Middle miss punched a hole in the top of each one. You can make them double sided so it doesn't matter if they flip over, if you wish!

We then attached each one to a length of wool and taped them to the beautifully decorated 'ring'.

The precious gem gets pride of place... and voila, we have our dream catcher!

Disclosure: I was sent some crayons and printed stories to help with our entry.


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